Our Name

Like most names, the name
"Free Reformed Church of Mount Nasura"
means something.


We are a church. The word "church" comes from the Greek term kuriakos which means "belonging to the Lord.” With the name "church" we profess to be an assembly of believers who have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and who now belong, with body and soul, to our faithful Saviour.


Our church is "Reformed." The word "Reformed" means "brought back to the original form." During the Middle Ages the Church departed from the teaching of Holy Scripture. In the 1500's Christ graciously restored His Church to its original standard for faith and life, using the men of the "Great Reformation" – Martin Luther, John Calvin and others. By calling ourselves "Reformed" we indicate our desire to maintain the pure doctrine of God's Word and to live according to the Scriptures in all things.


Our church is "Free" Reformed. The word "free" speaks of our desire to remain free from the hierarchy of broader church assemblies, and free from false doctrines. We honour the position of the local body of elders (consistory) as the only church assembly which has received authority from Christ, and which answers to Christ alone. Moreover, just as God freed His people Israel from Egyptian slavery and brought them to the Promised Land, so too Christ has set us free from slavery to sin and brings us into the heavenly Promised Land.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are important to us. God directs us in His Word, and we follow.

The Free Reformed Churches accept everything that is written in the Bible to be the Word of God. This Word has no equal because it is:

  • Inspired by God the Holy Spirit who caused many different people to write it over a considerable period of time
  • Infallible in that it is a completely reliable and trustworthy book that should not and need not be doubted
  • Inerrant, meaning that whatever is revealed in it is without error, contradiction or misrepresentation
  • Sufficient because it fully contains the will of God and reveals all that we need to believe in order to be saved

This Word represents the final rule of faith and life in the Free Reformed Churches. We receive it for the regulation, foundation and confirmation of our faith.

Public worship is a special time of meeting and fellowship between the Lord as our God and us as His people. Since we are sinful people and He is the Holy God, we come before Him with due humility and only through the one Mediator, Jesus Christ. We therefore seek to maintain a reverent atmosphere within the worship services, conscious of the fact that we are involved in worshipping the great Lord of lords and King of kings. Since children as well as adults are part of God’s covenant, the children of the congregation participate in worship from an early age.

A number of different elements make up each worship service. We begin with confessing our dependence upon the Lord, followed by God’s greeting from the Scriptures. We sing psalms and hymns throughout the service, and listen to the Ten Commandments and readings from the Bible. The main element in the worship services is the proclamation of God’s holy Word through the preaching. In the sermon a portion of Scripture is explained and applied to our daily lives by the minister. The sacrament of baptism is administered to children born to believing parents and to adult converts, and the Lord’s Supper is celebrated four times a year. Other parts of worship include public prayers and profession of faith, as well as offerings of alms for the poor and other causes of charity through the ministry of the deacons. The worship service is concluded with receiving the Lord’s blessing.

The entire worship service is structured as a covenantal dialogue between the LORD and His people. He speaks to us in His Word and with His greeting and blessing, and we respond to Him by singing, confessing faith, praying, and presenting our gifts.

  • Votum and Salutation
  • Singing
  • God’s Covenant Word – Reading of the Ten Commandments (morning) or
  • Confession of Faith – Reading of the Apostles’ Creed (afternoon)
  • Singing
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Reading
  • Singing
  • Ministry of the Word
  • Singing
  • Thanksgiving Prayer
  • Offering
  • Singing
  • Benediction

The main teachings of the Bible have been summarized in documents called creeds or confessions. The doctrine of God’s Word is confessed by the Free Reformed Churches of Australia in three creeds and three confessions.

The creeds – namely the Apostles’ Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed – come to us from the early church. The confessions – namely the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism and the Canons of Dort – have come to us from the Reformation of the sixteenth century.

We believe that not only the faith of the church, but also the government of the church must be regulated by Holy Scripture. As such we believe that the Bible teaches the following principles:

  • The autonomy of the local church
  • The cooperation and commitment of local churches for certain common causes and needs
  • The recognition of the biblical offices of minister, elder and deacon
  • The rule of the local church through the minister and elders
  • The need for church discipline.
In order to implement these principles in a practical way, we have adopted what is called a Church Order. It contains about eighty articles that are divided into four sections dealing with:

  • The offices of the church
  • The assemblies of the church (consistory, classis, general synod).
  • The liturgy of the church (worship services, sacraments, ceremonies)
  • The discipline of the church
“I am not my own, but belong with body and soul,
both in life and in death, to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ.”
Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 1

Our Mission

We are involved in mission projects in the Asia Pacific region. It is a great privilege to be involved in spreading God's Holy Word and the good news of salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.”Matthew 28:19, 20

Worship with us

Christ calls on everyone to join His church, where His Word is faithfully proclaimed, His sacraments are administered in accordance with His Word and church discipline is faithfully administered. We gladly welcome you to worship with us. Contact us, or simply attend the church services.