We warmly welcome anyone to come and attend one of our worship services and meet some of our church members. Upon arrival you will be greeted by our door greeters and sextons (caretakers), who can assist you to find seating and ensure you have everything you need.

Please see the Liturgy and Worship sections for more information about what happens in the service itself. Here are some answers to other questions you may have:

What do I wear?
Anything that is comfortable while at the same time respecting others and showing honour to God. We believe worship is coming into the presence of God, and so affects the way we dress. Our members wear anything from neat casual clothing to business and formal attire.

What do I bring?
Nothing! We will provide you with everything you need, including a Bible and Psalm book. You may, of course, bring your own Bible if you prefer.

What time should I arrive?
We recommend arriving 10 minutes before the service. Our worship services are held every Sunday at 9.30am and 4:00pm.

Where can I park?
We have our own carpark on our premises, so you are welcome to park in any open space when you arrive. Please be mindful of the normal signage for disabled and elderly spaces.

Will I be asked to give money?
We consider you a guest and we don’t expect you to give. Our members give voluntarily during the service, as we all believe that giving to support God’s kingdom work is the Biblical thing to do.

How long is a typical service?
Our services usually last just over an hour.

What if I have questions about the service?
After each service, members gather outside to socialise. If you haven’t already been approached by a member, our greeters/host family/sextons will come find you and happily answer any questions you may have.

Where can I take my children?
We do provide crèche facilities for young children if you require.

Wheelchair access?
Yes. There are also disabled parking bays close to the entrance of the building.

Are there any restrictions due to Covid?
No. We thank our God that we are currently able to worship free of any restrictions, including wearing masks.